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How to Change the Tires on a Golf Cart

Posted - 03/20/2012

Park your golf cart on a flat surface to minimize the risk that it will move while you are changing the tire. Turn off the power and engage the parking brake. Use a brick, a 2x4 piece of lumber or another immovable object to place on either side of the opposite tire to prevent it from shifting. Place your jack beneath the cart’s frame near the flat tire.

Loosen and remove your golf cart tire’s lug nuts with the appropriate tools. Lift your golf cart off the ground with the floor jack until the flat tire is elevated slightly above the surface. Continue loosening your lug nuts until you can remove them. Set the fasteners aside, remove your flat tire and install your repaired tire or a suitable replacement.

Reattach the lug nuts and tighten them by hand. Use the floor jack to lower the golf cart until the tire touches the ground. Tighten your lug nuts with your tools. Lower the floor jack until your golf cart tire supports the weight of the golf cart. Remove the floor jack and the items you used to prevent the tire from moving. Contact a professional golf cart repair company for assistance.
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